Purpose-led and performance-driven creative leader pioneering with a higher purpose, to envision and codevelop products and solutions that address some of the world's challenges while simultaneously creating economic, environmental, and societal value for stakeholders.

Nurtured Innovation programs and projects leading to the development of product portfolios, solutions, & IP, based on the current and future needs of the value chain globally, across the Maire Tecnimont group companies in Italy and the Netherlands.

Successfully managed individual projects up to 3 M Eur, with 45 communication channels which included managing both internal & external resources, research institutes, universities & external engineering manufacturing companies.

Leveraged the strength of partners, suppliers, and customers. Conceptualized and developed Pre-Commercial Procurement (open innovation) projects to develop & protect patentable innovative applications.

I believe one of the critical drivers of innovation is diversity and curiosity. You can read my thoughts on innovation & diversity on this link www.stamicarbon.com/manish-abraham


Worked in a few different industries ranging from Oil & Gas, Industrial Engineering, Automotive (Trucks), 3D printing, Fertilizers, Renewables.

In addition, worked with multiple departments including Technology, Incremental & Strategic R&D, Procurement, HR GA, Finance, IP (Intellectual Property), Legal, Sales, Marketing, Business Intelligence.

Worked on many diverse projects.

Just to name a few-

  • Managed 83 projects on Idea generation for segment of customers and managed 37 projects from Idea Evaluation to Business Feasibility and a few through launch.

  • Led project prioritization exercises based on the value of the end product developed.

  • Implemented projects to combine human and artificial intelligence for landscape search, technology scouting, prior art & literature review. Ultimately reducing the lead time of projects by 47%.

  • Managed licensing-in projects with diverse stakeholders (internal & external).

An example includes the acquisition of patents and licensing in technology. In one case developed a chemical pilot plant, leading to successful validation of the pilot plant the license was commercialized.

  • Worked on European Union (HORIZON) project.

  • Executed funding subsidy programs WBSO (dutch government subsidy for hours spent on innovation) effectively reducing the project costs & Innovation Box leading to a reduction in Tax on EBIDTA.

  • Managed studies leading to a reduction in CAPEX and OPEX for customers.

  • Managed reverse engineering projects which involved redeveloping equipment designs, processes & materials in end of life (patent protection).

  • Been part of acquisition projects and managed supplier onboarding of an acquired company.

  • Managed cost-saving projects with internal stakeholders across the business achieving savings worth a few Million Euros (and much more in cost avoidance) by process improvements, win-win negotiations & scope redefinitions.

  • Procured services and products for Strategic R&D & Innovation, Intellectual Property, Finance, HR GA, Marketing, Business Intelligence for approx 20 M Eur (2020) with 28 % cost savings.

These diverse experiences help me to diverge and look at the bigger picture connecting the dots & at the same time converge to focus on the details.


I believe in continuous improvement and have a development mindset.

My Master's in engineering integrated innovation project management, mechatronics & industrial engineering, innovation & business management, finance & controlling, marketing & product management, material science & rapid prototyping. In simple terms, it is an MBA+++.

I have been enhancing my knowledge over the past multiple years too, ranging from professional development units on Project Management from PMI certified Institute, Product management specializations from Chartered Institute of marketing, European VAT and international trade from KPMG, Licensing Executive course, to Decision science (Negotiation Dynamics) from INSEAD. Just to name a few.


Innovation is what inspires me and is my Ikigai. I simply love to nurture and manage projects from the Inception stage to Commercialisation.

Whether this was about supporting investors with great ideas to set start-ups, to supporting intrapreneurship (supporting colleagues building ideas), BSD plans, to the acquisition of companies.

In a normal project, activities & deliverables are clearly defined in the WBS, and you would ask what to do next, in case of an innovation project if something goes wrong you need to ask why it went wrong, brainstorm, and inspire the team working on it to find the most effective solution(s) without jeopardizing the timeline, offered value, and budget.


I believe a tool is as good as the user using it.

Quick learner and specialize in many tools.

Just to name a few:

MS Projects & MS Planner

For Agile projects, I prefer a Kanban approach using tools like Trello, Jira.

MS Office (specifically PowerPoint & Excel).

MS Power BI (Data Visualisation)

MS Power Automate (MS Flow)

MS Dynamics, Hubspot (CRM)

MS Sharepoint (Internal Communication)

Accolade (Innovation Management Software)

ARIS (Business process modeler)