Papers and Publications

Due to confidentiality reasons not all papers and publications can be mentioned here.

Business Reports:

  • M.Abraham, Five Leadership skills that made Steve Jobs transform Apple, ISBN No. - 978-3-656-59553-3, GRIN Publishing GmbH. 2014 [e book]

  • M.Abraham, J. Schauerhofer, S.Ortmair, K.Allerstorfer, D.Zuyeva, A case study on the opportunities in Below the line Marketing of Gebruder Stitch, FH Wels.2013 [link]

  • M.Abraham, G.Subramaniam, S.Alauddin, C.Gîdea, D.Zuyeva, Balance Score Card for Tesco PLC 2013, FH Wels. 2013 [link]

  • Rainwater Innovators, "Mobi social (Operation Execution Project)" Stanford University Venture Labs. 2012 [pdf] [video]

  • M.Abraham, "Personal Log of Business Plan of Dazzling Stars Media", University of Northumbria. 2012. [pdf]

  • M.Abraham, "Project management strategies for Northumbria Engineering", University of Northumbria. 2011.[pdf]


  • M.Abraham, "Product Management Excellence: The Impact of Agile methodologies on product development and product management", University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria. 2014.

  • M.Abraham, "Computer Control of a Direct Digital Synthesizer", University of Northumbria. 2012 - [pdf] [presentation]

  • M.Abraham, "Modern Mass communication dependence on Satellites",. 2011.

Communication Reports:

  • M.Abraham , "Report on Intercultural Communication and Management", University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria. 2013. [pdf]

Technology Assessment:

  • M.Abraham, Technology is inspired by culture. Technology assumes new meanings in different cultures., ISBN No. - 978-3-656-59564-9, GRIN Publishing GmbH. 2014 [e book]

  • M.Abraham, "Future Technology Assessment of Wireless Electricity", University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria. 2013.

Design Reports:

  • M.Abraham, "Designerly ways of Knowing",ISBN No. - 978-3-656-37444-2, University of Applied Sciences. 2013. [pdf] [e book]

  • M.Abraham, A.Ochoa, L.Kiernan & K.Knolle , "Cost effective buildings for cities", University of Applied Sciences. 2013 [Link]


  • Lifelong Education system to enhance human perception of living time, University of Malta [Link ]

  • Green Bikes International ( Concept Electric Bike), University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria [Link ]

  • 3 D Printing and Laser Sintering Methods , University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria [Link ]

  • Computer Control of a Direct Digital Synthesizer- University of Northumbria [Link]

  • Measuring Test Benches for a Projector/ Beamer- University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria [Link]

  • Paper Prototype for Smart Homes - University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria [Link]

Technical Reports:

  • M.Abraham, "Study on a data throughput in a 802.11a Wlan Systems", University of Northumbria. 2011. [pdf]


  • Circular Economy Summit, Geleen, Innovation Round Table. 2019

  • Business Travel Summit, Amsterdam, 2017

  • European Space Solutions, Hague, ESA. 2016

  • Urea Symposium, Rotterdam, Stamicarbon, 2016

  • International Workshop on Nitrogen Fertilizer Production Technologies, Vienna, IFDC - IFA. 2015

  • Business Model Innovation, Stuttgart, Innovation Round Table. 2015

  • Nitrogen Syn Gas, Istanbul, CRU Events, 2015

  • LES Course 2014, "Licensing Executives Society, Benelux". 2014

  • Munich Truck Forum Conference, "MAN Truck and Bus Truck Forum, Munich", Volkswagen Group. 2013

  • HR's Contribution to Creativity and Innovation, "Global Entrepreneurship Week, University of Malta", Lead Events. 2013

  • Small and Medium Enterprise Growth in Malta, "SME Malta Week 2013, Malta Employers Association", University of Malta. 2013

Industrial visits:

  • Borealis, Linz, Austria

  • HP, Stuttgart, Germany

  • Stamicarbon, Sittard, Netherlands

  • Tecnimont, Milan, Italy

  • KT, Rome, Italy

  • Uniblue Systems Limited, Birkirkara, Malta

  • Malta Enterprise, Triq Marina, Malta

  • Microsoft Innovation Center, Sky Park, Malta

  • MAN Truck and Bus AG, Munich, Germany

  • MAN Truck and Bus AG, Steyr, Austria

  • BMW Motor Production Plant, Steyr, Austria

  • BMW Plant, Munich, Germany

  • Siemens, Vienna, Austria

  • Vienna International Airport, Innovation and Operations

  • Management Center, Vienna, Austria

  • Cyledge, Vienna, Austria

  • Gebruder Stitch, Vienna, Austria

  • Greiner Aerospace, Schwanenstadt, Austria

  • KTM Motorcycle, Mittighofen, Austria

  • Event Business Academy, Oxford, U.K

  • Sky News & Sports, Newcastle Upon Tyne, U.K

  • Nissan Motors, Sunderland, U.K

  • Sage Group, Newcastle Upon Tyne, U.K

  • British Telecom Center, London, U.K

  • Vodafone, Newcastle Upon Tyne, U.K

  • EADS, Newport, U.K

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