The world population is growing. It is a challenge & an opportunity never seen before in human history.

I'm Manish Abraham,

A purpose-led and performance-driven creative leader pioneering with a higher purpose, to envision and codevelop products and solutions that address some of the growing world's challenges while simultaneously creating economic, environmental, and societal value for all stakeholders.


I have

  • Managed multiple Innovation projects leading to new products and services across diverse industries, geographical regions, stakeholders, scopes, & budgets.

  • Developed organization-wide strategies to expand technology portfolio to adjacent markets.

  • Optimized costs by the implementation of operational excellence, innovation fundings, scope redefinitions & negotiations.

Manish managed multidisciplinary project teams for multiple projects across different locations of Maire Tecnimont group, he is good at connecting and aligning with key stakeholders on different projects. He was successful in utilizing local university capabilities for technology development. He builds pools of external diversified resources in cooperation with 3rd parties (e.g. universities, engineering companies, potential clients etc.) in order to mitigate limitations of internal resources.

I have been working closely with Manish over the past few years and came to know him as a very enthusiastic, hard-working and eager person. His approach is refreshing and insipirational, and he is always scouting for the latest trends and developments, which makes him ideally suited to work in any innovative environments or organization that wants to become more innovative.

Manish has a broad view and he is a creative thinker. I worked with him on a project for Stamicarbon. Manish was the project manager and he was capable of leading and inspiring a multidisciplinary team of people who were older and more experienced than himself. I recommend him as a project manager, especially for development projects.

Manish is an energetic personality who thrives in an innovative business environment. He is an asset to any team that is looking for a creative out-of-the-box thinker. Manish has proven capable of performing in several different teams and roles within the organisation, ranging from innovation to procurement.

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