About Manish             
An Innovator, Serial Entrepreneur, Leader with a global work, business and educational experiences. 

An Erudite Expat with a passion for Innovation with an eagerness to learn and grow mutually. 

Manish Abraham is currently The New Product Development Manager at Maire Tecnimont Innovation CenterStamicarbon, Maire Tecnimont Group located in The Netherlands. 
He holds "MSc in Engineering in Innovation and Product Management" from "The University of Applied Sciences, Upper Austria and is also an Alumni of University of Northumbria, Newcastle Upon Tyne, University of Malta and Stanford University Venture Labs." 

A Great Team Player 

        He has worked in various teams and is a great team player; He has also got an experience of working with an International team with members in different countries. One of the recent projects undertaken was called Mobi Social which was made for Stanford University. To have a look at the marketing Page please click the link.  

A Great Leader

      Manish has also lead many teams including teams at well known organizations and Universities. Manish is a Creative Born Leader with the confidence and commitment with proven references to insipre multi cultural teams.  

A Great Learner

        Manish Abraham believes that learning is a life long process. He exhibits a range of functional and critical thinking skills, such as:

  •  Information Literacy
  •  Media Literacy  
  •  ICT (Information, Communications and Technology) Literacy  
  •  Creativity and Innovation
  •  Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
  •  Communication and Collaboration

A Great Traveler

          Manish loves to travel and visit new places, He has traveled to a lot of places in the world, he did schooling from different states of India, He did his Bachelors from Great Britain &  during his time in England he visited many places in the UK, and while he studies  in Austria, he is travelling to different countries in Europe. 

By travelling a few skills Manish has developed are: 

  • Time management 
  • Social and communication skills 
  • Visualization 
  • Organization and planning 
  • Adaptability 
  • Decision-making 
  • Creative thinking 
  • Self-management

A Great Innovator

         Considered as the demanding perfectionist Manish thought differently to give a different visionary approach to the Internet radio. An expert in transforming complex technical issues into clear customer value messages; He has a passion for Innovation and entrepreneurship, during his time in Newcastle, he set up the first University radio station and his own company called the Dazzling Stars Media under a Graduate Entrepreneurship Project. Manish was instrumental in developing the solutions offered to the market. Additionally, involved in the development and delivery of advertisements as per the market requirements. During time spent in dazzling stars media, He had numerous responsibilities, including idea generation, product development, market research, market strategy development, product brand development, organizing launch part

A Great Organizer   

         Manish Abraham is known to be a great organizer let it be charity events, managing field trips, class coordination, events in clubs or scientific seminars, Manish Abraham has been a great organizer and has always shown enthusiasm in moving one step ahead.

A Great Networker

              Manish Abraham is a great networker and connects with people as he believes that one honest definition of business in mutual helpfulness  he has over 2500 connections in Linked In and various other platforms. It helps him to stay up to date with the industry trends. Members who are connected with him help him in case of a query and he vice versa. If you want to be connected with him please choose any platform from the footer.

A Great Friend

             Manish Abraham  is a great friend and is trustworthy, patient, forgiving, encouraging, honest and sticks with his friend when they laugh and even when they cry.