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  • Over Population no more an Issue Ground breaking BBC Documentary discussing overpopulation on the planet we call earth.This documentary gives us an insight into the future markets and how the issue of population has been solved for good. 
    Posted 16 Apr 2014 14:10 by Manish Abraham
  • Are Opportunities Created or Discovered? - An Entrepreneurial Perspective Wickham (2006) argues that entrepreneurship is essentially a style of management in which a manager is willing to venture: to create change and to pursue opportunity rather than just to maintain the status quo and conserve resources” (p. 17). Opportunity, refers to “a situation in which a person can exploit a new business idea that has the potential to generate profit” (Shane, 2003), an opportunity occurs when idea or product is successful in the market and generates profit. According to Wickham (2006) “the good entrepreneur is constantly searching for new opportunities. In effect, this means that they are never really satisfied with the way things are at any moment in time”. The concept of that idea or product having newness ...
    Posted 3 Feb 2014 06:44 by Manish Abraham
  • Is Internet turning to be the New GOD ? This blog is the beginning of a series of 10 minute blogs which I will be writing on diverse topics, I will explain the concept behind it in the end of the blog.1st Jan 2014 - The concept of collective consciousness is both new and ancient we have forgotten this in the past few centuries, and now it is again coming back. Although putting this concept of collective consciousness into a theory is not new. This is the basis of every religion, but today with the advent of technology and information we see that the access to this consciousness and knowledge is increased manifold. The brain itself acts as a computer by storing what we see, hear and feel ...
    Posted 2 Jan 2014 08:27 by Manish Abraham
  • Creative Lifelong Education System to enhance perception of living time in Human Life This blog is about my latest presentation at the University of Malta on how creativity can influence the perception of the human mind and how creativity in education can enhance the perception of time we are living in. This could also help the Universities to stand out and find new potential in the troubled futures.To understand this lets see what is Creativity?Most contemporary definitions of creativity tend to focus on originality and usefulness. Amabile (1987) defines creativity as “a novel and appropriate solution [product or response] to an open-ended task” (p. 227). Csikszentmihalyi and Wolfe (2005) view creativity as “an idea or product that is original, valued, and implemented” (p. 81). Prabhu, Sutton and Sauser (2008) offer ...
    Posted 3 Dec 2013 10:14 by Manish Abraham
  • Certificate for Outstading Performance at MAN Trucks & Bus I had successfully completed an internship in the Department of Engineering, Product Architecture (EAA) between 01 July 2013 and 30 Sept 2013, and now I just received an Outstanding Internship Certificate along with a performance evaluation sheet and a reference letter for the work that I did during my time at MAN Truck & Bus, Munich, Germany. This showcases my capabilities and qualities as a future manager in any company from a company manager's perspective. As an Intern I accomplished a lot of tasks, and this blog explains the major tasks that I covered during my internship at MAN Truck & Bus and in the end has the outstanding achievement certificate with the evaluation sheet attached.  Underlying were the three major ...
    Posted 13 Nov 2013 12:13 by Manish Abraham
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  • Erasmus in Malta I spent my 3 rd semester of M.Sc. in Innovation and Product Management on an Exchange semester in University of Malta. The course was very much similar to the masters course we do in Austria and was called a masters in creativity and innovation with special focus on innovation management, idea generation, research methods, business venturing and leadership in organization. Additional to the academic knowledge the exchange semester helped me to learn a lot about a whole new culture, people, traditions.  Travel I took an Air Malta flight from Munich to Malta on 29 th Sep, when I  reached Malta I could already feel the difference in weather as it was much more hot and sunny. I took a ...
    Posted 9 Mar 2014 05:19 by Manish Abraham
  • Vienna, Austria- By Manish Abraham Vienna entices visitors with its lavish, Old World charm. Gothic cathedral tower over richly ornamented baroque buildings and             copper domed palaces from the glory days of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The romantic city on the Danube is famous for its coffee, confections, ice creams, and cafés; Lipizzaner horses and leafy boulevards; Sigmund Freud and wiener schnitzel, but it is also the financial and the political capital of Austria.  I went on a 3 day visit to this wonderful city.  Though I had visited Vienna many times before but this was the first time when  I visited Vienna along with my classmates of MSC IPM from FH Wels. It was a preplanned industrial visit.We visited the underlying four companies ...
    Posted 23 Sep 2013 07:12 by Manish Abraham
  • Venice, Italy- By Manish Abraham Venice, Italy-Me and three of my friends traveled from Wels in Austria to Venice in Italy on 21 st March. We took a Euro night train to Venice. We stayed at a friends house, here you can see the pictures of Venice. Venice is a series of islands which is joined together with the help of bridges and has many canals. Cars are not permitted in Venice, so we had to walk all the way which was an experience in itself. Since its an island you cant get lost in the city. The view when you get out of the train station. The canal which you see is the grand canal which runs through the center of Venice. On ...
    Posted 28 Mar 2013 07:12 by Manish Abraham
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