Manish (Devanagariमनिष or मनीष) is a common  name given in India to Boys  that  means "The God of the Mind" or the one who has controlled and mastered one's mind (representing an intellectual, genius, etc.), derived from the Sanskrit words "man" (mann) which means Mind and "ish" which refers to God or master. It is a popular name in central and northern parts of India. Though it is also given in the southern part of India. 
"I am Manish Abraham and this is my personal website where I have tried to interlink all the various links in a single place. I have also tried to explain a bit about myself in this website, hope you find it useful. I am Pursuing MSC in Engineering in Innovation and Product Management from University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, which involves Holistic integration of marketing, design and technology, combined with strategic thinking in order to develop product innovations in a sustainable way. Specialize in Mechatronics, Business Economics and Marketing, also complemented by Industrial Design and Development Process know-how. I have worked in various teams and am a great team player, I have also got an experience of working with an International team with members in different countries. One of the recent projects I worked on was called Mobi Social which was made for Stanford University. To have a look at the marketing Page please click the link. I did my Bachelors of Engineering from University of Northumbria, Newcastle Upon Tyne. I did my specialization in Mobile communication engineering. I also did a BA(Hons) in Journalism and mass communication along with my B Eng(Hons) via distance learning from The Open University.
    I love to travel and visit new places, I have traveled to a lot of places in India and studied in different states of India,  In my time in England I visited many places in the UK, and while my time in Austria, I am pursuing to travel across Europe. I feel that by travelling I learn a lot about different cultures and it also makes me more adaptable to various situations in life. It gives me a global outlook and widens my horizon which would help me in my future career, as the world is becoming more and more globalized. I did this as I believed that modern communication is dependent on technology and there is a need to interlink both. I did my thesis on Modern mass communication dependence on satellites. I have a passion for Innovation and entrepreneurship, during my time in Newcastle, I set up the first University radio station and my own company called the Dazzling Stars Media under a Graduate Entrepreneurship Project. I was elected as the International officer for Northumbria Students Union. To read more about me view my detailed resume, and if you like to be innovative view my innovative resume". 

MANISH in Front of the British Museum.

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