International Students of Northumbria University

posted 15 Dec 2012, 15:15 by Manish Abraham   [ updated 2 Feb 2013, 06:55 ]
  Manish Abraham was the face of all the International students in the University of Northumbria, Newcastle Upon Tyne, which in total had a strength of around 38000 students . Manish Abraham was Renowned as the voice of the International Students' of Northumbria Students' Union. He also Ascertained the reports from the trustees, Student community Forums, Scrutiny Committees and Action Committees / Groups; monitored the decisions and actions of Trustees NSU. He carried out the discussion and debates on issues pertinent to students. He also  Organized various campaigns, representation and political policies.
    His other roles involved Convene Student Community Forum, consider its report and agree actions required and liaison with other committees to carry forward the mandate of council and turn this into action to have a positive impact of student’s lives.