Dazzling Stars Media was formed in Northumbria University by 6 students taking the graduate enterprise module in Northumbria University including Manish Abraham under the Young enterprise program. 
     Dazzling Stars Media found that there was no University radio station at Northumbria and recognized that the international students required a community feeling while living and studying in Newcastle Upon Tyne.  After all being away from your home can be difficult and providing a community spirit can help students in there studies. The concept came around in a brainstorming session; initially we started out thinking about advertising products on the internet and to starting an internet radio station.  The market opportunity for Student Radio was identified by the fact that Northumbria University had no radio station. 

     The company fell into the ever developing media industry, the service was aimed at the international student community in Newcastle.  Evaluating the potential impact of the service we decided to primarily make an International Student Radio Station, by providing community spirit and promoting relations among the student population.


    Our strategy started out by researching through a survey  and formulating results.  Next step was to advertise the radio station by using Facebook, Presentations, Wikipedia and You tube.  Northumbria students union  also allowed us to advertise the radio in Habita generating extra interest. 
    Applying for funding was vital as the company required funding to expand when the radio station took off.  We were different to everyone else as we promoted forums where students could discuss and problems or just communicate with each other.  Newcastle had no radio station like Dazzling Stars Media , which made us  new, innovative, exciting and fresh station hitting the airwaves.

    As a company we very much operated together to achieve success in our roles within the company.  The radio station required every member contributed to broadcasting and organizing of forums. Dazzling Stars Media  joined forces with the Student Union and several entertainment venues in Newcastle; we  advertised events for these companies whilst boosting our image as of our clients within the local area.

    Dazzling Stars Media was a exciting new venture which came directly out of Northumbria University.  Consisting of students from all over the world, they brought a fresh new approach to internet radio station.
Student Radio FM internet radio station had been formed for the international and UK students in Newcastle.  The station aimed to promote international relations within the University, forums from studying advice to worldwide music, they also catered to the students needs.

    Based out of Northumbria University they provided the radio service for the 30000 strong student audience.  The station broadcasted between 1600-0000 hours every day with a wide range of music and broadcasts in English, Arabic, Hindi, Mandarin and Persian highlighting the diversity of this station.

dazzling stars certificate

    The company was liquidated in August 2012, after the students successfully graduated, Though the company is no more running it will be still in the memory of the students who were involved in the company and the students who studied in Newcastle Upon Tyne during that period of time. Few initial promotion sites which are still running are Wix, Webs

    Manish Abraham was instrumental in developing the solutions offered to the market. Additionally, he was involved in the development and delivery of advertisements as per the market requirements. During his time spent in dazzling stars media, Mr Abraham has had numerous responsibilities, including idea generation, product development, market research, market strategy development, product brand development, organizing launch party etc. Philanthropy is very important to Manish Abraham and he volunteers for everything and has a never say never attitude.He was also the International Students Representative of Northumbria Students Union and course representative. Manish Abraham has completed B.Eng (Hons) in Mobile Communication Engineering and is presently doing his Masters in Innovation and Product management in the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria.

"I met with Manish and the rest of his company during an enterprise module as part of his final year degree programme. The concept they had developed was both innovative and plausible - very different to anything else I had seen in the 4 yrs of student mentoring through the Young Enterprise Start-up Programme.  Despite lots of red tape and hurdles, Manish and his team went on to run a successful company. Very entrepreneurial!"

Company Operations Manager at Natural Hero 

"Manish is the co-founder of Dazzling Stars Media, an attempt to give a different approach to the Internet radio. He was especially interested in the problems of getting the business to market. 
As part of the Dazzling Stars team he pressed on with determination against a whole raft of difficulties."

Enterprise Manager Northumbria University 

You can read the Personal log of Manish Abraham about the whole start up by clicking the link.