Vienna entices visitors with its lavish, Old World charm. Gothic cathedral tower over richly ornamented baroque buildings and             copper domed palaces from the glory days of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The romantic city on the Danube is famous for its coffeeconfections, ice creams, and cafés; Lipizzaner horses and leafy boulevards; Sigmund Freud and wiener schnitzel, but it is also the financial and the political capital of Austria.  I went on a 3 day visit to this wonderful city.  Though I had visited Vienna many times before but this was the first time when  I visited Vienna along with my classmates of MSC IPM from FH Wels. It was a preplanned industrial visit.

We visited the underlying four companies. 

Day 1

On 13 th June 2013 early in the morning at  0630  we caught a train from Wels to Vienna , It was a 2 hour long journey before we reached Vienna. We were received by Dr. Thomas Weichselbaumer. Our first destination was the Airport where we had a Guided tour along with a presentation on the how the Innovation was managed by the Airport Authorities. We were also given a presentation on the Operations management and how to conduct simulations in an environment which is as important as an airport. We were taken to the Air traffic control towers and were shown how the systems work  in such an environment.

It was already 11 50 am and the next visit was due in next half an hour. We took a train to the city from the Airport, The CAT (City Airport Train) is an additional service provided by the Viena Airport . What was different was that it it offers you a service where you can check-in your baggage up to 75 minutes before departure,you can get your boarding pass and enjoy the rest of your journey all in the city. One thing that I could learn was that most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning, hence in Vienna Airport they try to bring change as per the customer needs.

We validated our U Bahn Tickets and took a metro which is called U bahn in Vienna. We got down at Siemens Strasse since our next visit was in Siemens. Siemens City is in the 21st District. Around the area numerous research and educational institutions, and other companies are located. Thus, the Siemens City is also a lively center of a future-oriented industry and technology cluster.

We were marveled to see the modern buildings with excellent infrastructure. The City is a prime example of sustainability.   We had our lunch at Siemens as we were invited for lunch in their café.

After the lunch we moved to the SIMEA  workshop where Dipl.-Ing.Bernhard Höflechner a senior employee of Siemens briefed us about the whole production cycle of semiconductor devices. We were shown the different new and innovative methods of soldering in Industries.

After that we then had a  presentation by Dr Michael Heiss principal open Innovation and scouting who gave us a presentation on how  open innovation is managed in Siemens, he also gave us a deep insight into Technoweb  which is Siemens internal knowledge networking platform which has a strong focus on corporate problem solving and uses the patented urgent distribution mechanism.


Till now we had not checked into our hostels, now we were free and got time to go and check in at our respective Hostels. After checking in and taking a shower we went for evening dinner to Restaurant Mill. It is located in miller gasse 32. The restaurant has a very nice garden and also the internal in particular is made up of recyclable materials. After the dinner we decided to try the famous Ice cream in Vienna which was located in Stephanplatz. Ice cream parlors are an institution in Vienna, It is said that Italian immigrants brought it over, and the locals perfected it here. So we could see the mixing of cultures and how globalization and the working of Intercultural Marketing. It was already too late and we headed back home after some so that we could catch up with the Schedule the Next Day.

Day 2

At 9am we moved to Schönbrunn Palace. From the 18th century to 1918, Schönbrunn was the residence of the Habsburg emperors. It was designed by the architects Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach and Nicolaus Pacassi and is full of outstanding examples of decorative art.

The Cultural World Heritage Site of Schönbrunn Palace has been Austria’s most frequently visited tourist attraction, since there is a deep history of Austrian culture hidden in it. In the palace the residential and state rooms with their original furnishings and decorations convey an authentic impression of the imperial lifestyle. I was shocked to see how well maintained it is till now.  


The park and gardens surrounding the palace make Schönbrunn a unique synthesis of Baroque art. We took a lot of pictures in the garden.

Together with its gardens, the site of the world’s first zoo in 1752,  it is a remarkable Baroque ensemble and a perfect example of Gesamtkunstwerk.

The next visit was to  cyLEDGE media GmbH. cyLEDGE stands for cyber knowLEDGE.

Paul Blazek, Founder & CEO cyLEDGE Media GmbH gave us a presentation on the importance of how to network and the importance of networking, he also gave us an insight into the digital ways of producing varients of products in the future. He said that the idea to start a company was Inspired by the vision of individuality, a non-compliant team got together in 2006 and it was formed, in case you feel to do t just do it.

You can see a lot of innovative solutions in the streets of Vienna one of which was this Motorcycle made out of Fur.  

After the visit we went on a walking tour to Gebrüder Stitch which is a company which focuses on producing designer Jeans. The company was formed by two young entrepreneurs Moriz Piffl and Michael Lanner We were given a presentation about the company by Moriz . He said that  It was a coincidence how they came together over a coffee in a bar and suddenly got the idea regarding the market or local custom made jeans. In May 2010, they rented the space of a gallery, rented machinery made in and started with the production. I could see the amount of effort and dedication put in by having a look at the marketing campaign that they had made. They have even taken part in the Vienna fashion week.

The importance of niche market was seen during the visit,  I was able to visualize he a different kind of marketing the company was doing in order to get regular happy customers who would be willing to pay 350 Eur per Jeans.


Day 3

The Visit had already come to the last day but we were left with the city tour. I went to the Nash Market which is the oldest market in Vienna which is in existence from the 16 th century.  The Market has a unique uniform like structure.

The next we visited was the State Opera,  here we started the guided tour , Travelling around the Goethe statue (who is considered as the Shakespeare of german speaking countries)  we went into the garden. We then went to the location of the office of President of Austria. We saw the  beautiful buildings around Neu burg. We saw the horses which were being trained at the Spanish Riding School.

In the picture to your left you can see me standing in front of St Stephans Cathedral


Over all the whole trip helped me to open my horizon and I would say that we did a lot of things in a short span of three days. It is always an experience to see a lot of new innovative companies and things when  you visit new places.