banner of venice

Venice, Italy-
Me and three of my friends traveled from Wels in Austria to Venice in Italy on 21 st March. We took a Euro night train to Venice. We stayed at a friends house, here you can see the pictures of Venice. 
Venice is a series of islands which is joined together with the help of bridges and has many canals. Cars are not permitted in Venice, so we had to walk all the way which was an experience in itself. Since its an island you cant get lost in the city. 
View when you reach venice

The view when you get out of the train station. 
The canal which you see is the grand canal which runs through the center of Venice. 

venice from bus station

On the second day we traveled from a nearby city to Venice by bus so this photo shows Venice from the bus station.

st marks bascilica venice

One of the major attractions is the Piazza San Marco and St Marks Basilica . The Grand canal is an attraction in itself. I was really amazed the way the city was built on swamps and about the engineering involved in the construction of such complex structures.

bridges of venice

There are many bridges which connect one corner to the other. People in Venice live on the first floor and there are a lot of shops on the ground floor.

gondola in venice

Gondolas are these boats which you can hire, and it takes you around the canals even to the lanes which are not connected by bridges.

masks in venice

If you go around Venice you find most of the shops selling this kind of mask, 
It is worn though out the city during the Venice carnival. There are various colorful masks available and I personally got one because I think its a beautiful memory from Venice.

vivaldi four season

I got an opportunity to see two concerts in two days the first was Vivaldi s four seasons which was a full dress concert, and the second one was in a church near the Naval Museum. As per me if you visit Venice do visit one of the concerts because this takes you back in time and shows you some real things about Venice, its art and culture. 

port of venice

I visited the port of Venice and also saw some huge ships, one of it is in the picture. 

academia venice

There are a lot of museums around venice which show casts the  rich history and technology advancements during the Renaissance.

I have even made a video of the boat trip around Venice through the Grand Canal. 

Few Innovations that Venice  gave to the World:

    Creation and then expansion of the Arsenale and its related support industries, and its recent recycling into an international trade and conference center;
    “Adaptive Reuse” of existing areas such as the Ghetto Nuovo, from which industries were relocated for centralization elsewhere;
    Changing transportation technology impacting land use, most of the transportation is foot based or by the help of boats.
    Construction of major bridges with collateral expansion of connecting links (e.g., Strada Nova), such as the Ponte Accademia and recently the new ”Calatrava Bridge” (Ponte della Constituzione) significantly altering movement patterns in the City.
    Venetians were excellent ship builders and the way the city is built on layers of marble was an innovation in itself. 

Venice is also known for a large variety of Food and Italian Cuisines. We tried different kinds of Pizzas and gelato  (ice cream) in Venice.