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Edinburgh - by Manish Abraham

posted 25 Jan 2013, 15:31 by Manish Abraham   [ updated 2 Feb 2013, 06:46 ]

Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland and With over 4,500 listed buildings, Edinburgh is world-renowned for its rich architectural heritage. The two main areas of particular interest in this historic city are the Old Town, which includes the medieval fortress of Edinburgh Castle, and the neoclassical New Town which dates back to the 18th century. I had visited Edinburgh with my friends from the University in Newcastle, After having breakfast at a Scottish friends house who was from Edinburgh,
 we went to Castle which is one of the world heritage sites , then we went across the famous streets and went to the  famous Museum and visited a few art galleries,  I would say that Edinburgh is one of the only cities where you can visit a lot of attractions for free  .  We also went to a few mountains near by, though Edinburgh is a compact city I was amazed to see  the the amount of areas around which could be explored.