Read why Manish Abraham is the best candidate to be selected as the Graduate trainee. 

Who Am I ?

I am Manish Abraham I did my Bachelors of Engineering (Hons) from University of Northumbria, Newcastle Upon Tyne. 
I am pursuing MSC in Engineering in Innovation and Product Management, which involves Holistic integration of marketing, design and technology, combined with strategic thinking in order to develop product innovations in a sustainable way. This post is a post where I try to answer few questions explaining why I am the best candidate for the Graduate Trainee Role in Northumbria University. Cutting it short lets answer the questions. 

  • While studying and volunteering in Northumbria University I gained a deep understanding about the core principles and values of Northumbria University.
  • My enhanced knowledge of project management which I gained from Northumbria University during my bachelors will help me to fulfill my work based projects and tasks in a fixed deliverable timescale.
  • As the council member at the Northumbria Students Union, I got a deeper insight into the needs of students in various segments which would help me to strengthen universities engagement and deliver added value through knowledge transfer activities I can also help in planning out innovative marketing plans in many other countries where university wants to expand its reach.
  • My in-depth knowledge in R&D management will be helpful in building Northumbria University into a leading research-intensive university.
  • The knowledge I have gained by working in various teams and projects throughout the globe gives me a different visionary outlook in managing various tasks and help me to establish a productive working relationship.
  • My knowledge in innovation and knowledge management will help to discover new opportunities for social cohesion unrestrained by geography, hence offering a prospect for a new era of education in Northumbria University.
  • My knowledge of strategic, operational & social media marketing can be used to enhance and promote the one university principle, within and outside the University to build networks.
  • My knowledge of digital technologies can be used to understand, exploit and create new innovative digital technologies for learning.
  • My knowledge in future technology assessment can be used for assessing the future technology trends in higher education.
  • My volunteering experience in various organisations will be helpful to enhance the wellbeing and personal and professional development of as many staff members and student.
  • My knowledge in controlling and product policy and positioning can be helpful in bringing better value for money, having regard for the environment and making sustainable use of physical, technological and financial resources and helping in idea generation on how to be more customer focussed.
  • Having a global exposure I can be instrumental in increasing global recognition and reputation by building an international presence for the university and partnerships overseas.
  • The Entrepreneur quality in me and the knowledge of starting an enterprise can be used to strengthen the university’s enterprise and innovation culture, and come up with innovative strategies in promoting its development among staff and students.


how  would I approach the role as a leader and what I understand an effective leader to be ?

     I have been an efficient leader in the past where I have lead many teams. As part of Northumbria University I would like to use the strategy of situational leadership since initially I will be in a learning stage.

     As per me an effective leader is one who adjusts their leadership style to the situation as well as to the people being led, I think an effective leader is one who takes the people in a team along with him/her and gives everyone an open free chance to share their ideas. 

A right leader

     Strategic thinking as a leader is all about anticipating changes in the business environment, calculating contingency,  scenarios, setting goals, determining what additional resources might be needed, taking advice from consultants if the in-house expertise in the relevant field is lacking.

     Implementing a strategic vision cannot be done by a single person it will require people with multi-disciplinary skills, essential leadership is all about taking people with all the skills along with you, which would range from identifying the right kind of people and hiring them to something like inspiring those around you, creating an environment where their individual creativity can be expressed while at the same time adhering to performance standards and organizations vision.

Strategic thinking     It varies from business to business, in a normal business a leader should be able to delegate and not micro-manage, but at the same time should give employees confidence, to try out new things without fear of being left out in the cold i.e. letting them know that their boss has their back in other words a leader needs to build interpersonal relationships.

     A leader plays a major role in supporting and achieving an organizational vision, he/ she has to comprehend organizational goals and strategies developed by others. Prioritize work in alignment and acts in accordance with set strategies, objectives, or goals.  Northumbria University has multiple constituencies, hence leadership should be collegial in nature where all members in the university are considered equal and make decisions in committees and consensus among colleagues and who better can understand this than a graduate who has attended many council, and course representative meetings and more over has so much passion for the university. 


   I am a strong team player from childhood, including being member of basketball team for school to working in an International team over Skype.

      I have a lot of experience working in groups during academic projects including planning, role allocation, co-ordination and commitment. Presently I am the team leader for two projects in my master studies; hence have an ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously in a team environment.

       I am a good collaborator with the ability to bridge internal and external differences in a team, I normally brain storm in the beginning where every team members opinion is given due respect.

       I am highly adaptable to change, one of the projects I worked was an International project with team members from different parts of the world and there I proved my ability to manage develop and motivate people in teams who were not in the same location.   

    Even during my time in Northumbria University I have shown a clear ability to work in a highly task driven environment like the Volunteer week for charity organizations.

       I have a proven track-record in developing and working with high performance teams during the graduate enterprise module in Northumbria University where we started the first Radio station for the University, during this time I gained skills of planning, prioritizing and organizing which can be used to complete tasks to a given plan given by my placement supervisor.  

     As a team player I generally have a flexible approach to delivering objectives through using initiative & self-motivation, which I have demonstrated in various occasions.

   I would like to state an example of my team work in the most tough coordinated team work which was for Stanford University venture lab.

S- Situation – The team members came from different parts of the world including USA, India, New Zealand, Bahrain, and me in Austria.

T- Task – We were supposed to come up with a business ideas and develop a whole business plan along with an operation execution plan. The problem was that each member came from different time zones hence it was difficult to coordinate.

A-Action – I worked along with the team to coordinate various methods to work in isolated teams and used the technology efficiently by using Skype, team viewer, Google hangouts, and drop box to manage the meetings and to have specific deadlines.

R- Result – We were able to finish the project in the fixed deadline, we had developed an idea and concept into a full-fledged business plan in less than 4 months.   


  • I demonstrate strong communication & negotiation skills, which I developed during my time in the University.
  • I have great Presentation skills demonstrated during the delivery of group presentations in various Universities; I am proficient in various presentation software’s including MS PowerPoint and Prezi.
  • I have presented to various groups of up to 200 people & I enjoy public speaking.
  • I have been an effective communicator with strong customer care skills.
  • I have been a highly articulate, confident and persuasive team builder and a team worker; I also have a track record of motivating members of my team to achieve exceptional performance.
  • During the Elections for Sabbatical position in the Northumbria Students Union I was able to demonstrate excellent communication and influencing skills, to a large group of students.
  • I also possess an ability to interact with other people at all levels of the organization, one of the example would be when I represented Northumbria University in the University of Newcastle along with the Pro Vice Chancellor of Northumbria University. 
  • I have ability to present information to management teams which I did during a project called Mobi Social which was a project run by people in different countries of the world. 
  • I am an excellent listener and communicator I am effective in conveying information verbally and in writing. 
  • I have an ability to communicate accurately and efficiently via many different media including Videos made on adobe after effects and other software’s (one of the example is the video trailer for this application “to move ahead in road of life”).
  • I am proficient in nonverbal communication and have experience in using MS Office (Word, Excel etc.) to produce professional documents, reports and presentations, I am also proficient in using cloud based non-verbal data transfer technology.
  • I have written recommendations in a professional manner on Linked In, I also published many reports and articles as part of studies and as a hobby, which are all formatted and presented in a professional manner. One of the example would be my blog where I have improved the way I communicate with people.
  • I have attended many courses for Intercultural communication and management which has helped me to improve and understand the other culture and helped me to promote a culture of collegiality, mutual respect, trust and cooperation.


     When I completed my A levels (class 12 th) I decided to do Engineering which was my decision, once I started with it I decided that I need to specialize in mobile communication engineering and after explaining my parents we together decided that I choose Northumbria University to do my bachelors of engineering.

      I was an enthusiastic learner and was always eager to meet challenges. Once I was in Newcastle it took me some time to adjust, I adjusted pretty fast and actively took part in social activities. In Northumbria University I was taught how to look at things with a business vision and strategic acumen. In the first two months I won the elections and became the first international student’s representative of Northumbria Students Union. Along with my friends we formed a company which became the first University radio station. It was a young enterprise backed project part of my graduate enterprise module in the University. I have been called a result driven achiever with excellent planning and organizational skills by others, this was visible during the whole time; I was able to prioritize time for studies.

     I believe that if you are passionate in doing something you normally do the best. During the Exams and Submissions I used to strongly prioritize my time for studies with particular focus on meeting deadlines. One of the problems that I was facing was that it was difficult to find time to study many times when we conducted events, I took an initiative to solve this problem, I made a proposal to my colleagues, that after working long hours in organizing events we should directly go to the 24 hours open library and study the whole night and go to class after taking a shower in my room at 9 am. It worked really well; I was able to focus my attention on studies too. The same was done when I was campaigning for the sabbatical elections for the Northumbria Students Union; I was able to run a campaign which was one of the most innovative campaigns seen by the students. During the whole time in Northumbria University I took high level of independent responsibility and decision making on a day to day basis with a high degree of personal accountability, and in the end was successful in completing my Bachelors of Engineering.  


  • As an event organizer for a leading club in Newcastle as part of the Radio Station, I generally used to meet a lot of customers and provided excellent customer service to a variety of customers.
  • I have had strong customer focus, I generally did a market research to recognize the needs of the customer and developed strategies to deliver an effective customer experience.  I normally focused on strong client service orientation.
  • I generally try to have a deep understanding of key customer issues and try to change if there are any problems.
  • I have a proven track record of establishing ties with key decision makers, during my time as the International student’s rep I was approached by many students for guidance on students union and the services offered by them, I on many occasions went beyond my limits to help them and solve their problems. In one occasion I even helped a student who was being deported back since his visa was getting over but had an exam left, I approached the VP Academic affairs for help and even after the case was handed over I helped the student, being a moral support and guided him on the steps ahead.
  • I even used to visit other International organizations and promoted Northumbria Students Union including Globe.
  • I generally try to initiate topics to find solutions to a problem, many times I even ask people to send anonymous replies so as to improve on my mistakes.

Why Northumbria ?

     I grew up in a disciplined spiritual background with my parents from the teaching faculty. I was encouraged from my young days to study and contribute to the society in a positive way. Apart from learning I was made to understand the importance of sports and above all leadership skills. The importance of the OODA cycle (Observe, Orient , Direct and Act) was well within me when I joined Northumbria University for my B Eng (Hons). Northumbria University fulfilled my dream of becoming a leader, a member of the team and the group. I was able to put into practice my years of learning when I was in Northumbria University . I owe a lot to my parents and also my alma mater NORTHUMBIA UNIVERSITY for what I am today. So the offer to do service to the university is indeed a blessing for me and I believe that this graduate leadership programme will help me to contribute to the faculty back by participating in development opportunities, which will also help me to develop and build knowledge and skills in Higher Education Management and be a success in the future by working for Northumbria University . I have been able to adjust well in the international students forum and contributed to the University positively due to the grooming and the atmosphere in the university.

I am willing to learn anything to become highly productive in achieving University's goals, this position requires someone who has the ability to solve problems quickly and who can logically add value to the University. I believe my skills and abilities matches perfectly with the requirement and what makes me the unique candidate is my passion towards the University. I am confident that my varied experience and urge for contributing to NORTHUMBRIA will make me successful in the new assignment and will benefit students and the University.

Not leaving the part Northumbria was a place where I had a lot of different experiences and learnt a lot, leaving the post with some of my memories in Northumbria University. 

Northumbria Manish
Manish Abraham in front of the Students Union