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Harvard Negotiation & Communication Skills - Innovation and product management - FH WELS

posted 12 Apr 2013, 01:37 by Manish Abraham   [ updated 12 Apr 2013, 01:59 ]

KFK 1 Lecture 

The Communication and negotiation skills lecture was held in a row of three days in 2013 which was started with a good note of general instructions, This report overlooks at a few of the phases that we underwent and also the impact of it on our daily routine and future prospective. First the report will give an intro about the main topics and exercises that we undertook and how did that help me personally.

This seminar started by giving a picture of what negotiations are and how do they affect the daily life and which is considered as a very important tool to achieve success in personal as well as business life. Following that there was a demonstration by showing how win win situation matters and is important in a negotiation, this was the first time I realized that a deal needs to be mutually beneficial. The example of showing the oranges being used for various purposes also acted as a good way of letting us understand the message. This teaching has helped me to mould my way of thinking and now it’s easier now to look at a deal for mutual benefit.
The Emotional angle to a negotiation was well understood and the 80% role of emotional argumentation helped me understanding the role that emotions play in completing a negotiation successfully. The 4 Ps for argumentation helped me to prepare a market plan for a new business plan, we came up with various arguments and preplanning the ways to market a product. When I had proposed a business plan for a project in Stanford University on 08 Nov I kept a lot of arguments and chose a few important ones which were customer relevant and beneficial which is a direct example of the application of the teachings from the seminar. 

The concept of the five fingers where status, goal, way, benefit and appeal following was a great way of remembering from going too away from the topic. The way the seating arrangement can help in dominating the talk helps in planning future negotiation room as per my own convenience to gain a dominant hold during any future negotiations.
The next thing that helped was the five steps to a successful seminar which also had a practical exercise which helped in better understanding of the steps and I tried using the same 5 steps in every kind of negotiations which I undertake now a days, this has helped me to mould every single negotiation into a step by step process. When I was doing the preparation for the business plan project I kept what, how, who and when into consideration, I did this by making a checklist for the things to be done which was also a great teaching from the seminar.

Different criteria’s for a successful negotiation was taught which helped me in setting criteria’s like effectiveness, relationship, and efficiency before going into negotiations. The invent situation of having a win win situation made me look at things in a broader angle rather than always focusing on looking for the one sided win situation.

The Harvard concept which explained the concept of separating a person from the problem and then focusing on the interests and going ahead by developing options and having objective criteria was helpful in many parts of my life already but now after learning this process I can plan it in a better way by planning contingency options before hand.

The effects of the 3 Vs of the body language helped me in changing both my non verbal behaviours as well as vocal and verbal language. I have started noticing the body language of the other party and try to understand what do different body gestures means.

The exercise on dont’s taught me various don’ts in the conversation during a negotiation and I have started to notice the various mistakes I make, like speaking very fast and various other qualities and am constantly keeping a note of things I need to change.The concept of separating people from the problem or solution has helped me in understanding the point of view of the other party and which in turn helps me to gain a potential win win situation.
In the end the teachings from the seminar. It can not be expressed in words and teaching from this communication and leadership skills will be helpful throughout our whole career and life.
I would like to thank Mag Wolfgang Reiger for taking the seminar and to make it more interactive and fun. We learnt a lot of things which would be helpful throughout our future


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