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    Perhaps people associate Steve Jobs as the ultimate "product guy," but this article covers many other skills necessary to excel in a product team.

So what should a product manager be good in?

Should He/ She be technical?



    Apparently the answer is a little bit of everything, according to a new brief in Harvard Business Review authored by Boston venture capitalists Jeff Bussgang (Fly bridge) and Rob Go (Next View) along with HBS professor Thomas Eisenmann.

      I am studying my Masters in Innovation and Product Management at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria which involves holistic integration of marketing, design and technology, combined with strategic thinking since this is the only way to develop product innovations in a sustainable way. I have tried to cover a few of the Skills & Qualities needed to be a good Product Manager.


    Product managers must be able to exert influence across the organization while holding little formal authority. He/She should be able to lead various teams ahead together.

Communication Skills

    Successful product managers are excellent communicators. This is the most common characteristic shared by all excellent product managers is written and oral communication skills. They should be having a positive vibe when they communicate with others.

    Why is this important?

    At most companies, a critical role product manager’s play is acting as a communication hub on product-related matters, between the engineers, designers and the other departments - as shown in the figure below.

communication in product management

A Continuous & Fast Learner

    A successful product manager must have the ability to learn fast - even in areas that are relatively new to them. Product manager with this ability have the ability to manage products in new markets with no major obstacles.


    Like entrepreneurs, product managers often must make difficult decisions and pursue ambitious goals with limited resources and imperfect information so they must be resilient.

Business Acumen

    PMs must have a keen sense of the market and intimate knowledge of customers’ requirements.

    They should know how to identify market opportunities, importance of competitive differentiation, creating winning product strategy, pricing and promotion, partnerships, analysing P&L statements, and so on.

Process Oriented and Open Minded

    A good product manager can shift his/her perspective smoothly, shifting smoothly between the big picture and the minutiae. A good product manager should be open minded, flexible and level headed.

Strategic Thinking

    Product Managers skills complement skills brought by engineers, marketing and project managers. Strategic thinking starts with asking the right questions. It is about understanding current market, where it going, competition, go to market, etc to define the right product and the road map.


    A product manager who does not have a background in engineering must still understand the pros and cons of technology decisions and collaborate with engineers to solve technical challenges, so that’s why normally students who do product management in Masters are normally engineers.


    The best PMs are skilled at rapidly developing mock-ups and wire frames themselves with a strong design sensibility that cuts through unnecessary steps.

Attention to Details

    A good product manager should be able to look at every single information in detail. It is about starting with customer experience from first contact to renewals, like ensuring the sales team has the right sales plays and price lists and ensuring the support team knows how to resolve an error code the customer is calling about.

Ability to Prioritize

    A good Product manager must have an ability to prioritize the tasks since it is really important to manage different kind of works.


    To be a Product Management leader, the right mix of experience, skills and even personality traits is crucial.


    Product Management leaders must possess ‘artistic persuasive’ abilities to bring disparate groups across an organisation together to deliver results that benefit both the customer and the business.


   Product Management is strategic and leaders must stay focused on their strategic responsibilities. Product Management leaders focus on important priorities not urgent requests.

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