How should graduates and universities approach


    For budding leaders I would recommend to use the strategy of situational leadership since initially they will be in a learning stage.

     As per me an effective leader is one who adjusts their leadership style to the situation as well as to the people being led, I think an effective leader is one who takes the people in a team along with him/her and gives everyone an open free chance to share their ideas. 

A right leader

     Strategic thinking as a leader is all about anticipating changes in the business environment, calculating contingency, scenarios, setting goals, determining what additional resources might be needed, taking advice from consultants if the in-house expertise in the relevant field is lacking.

     Implementing a strategic vision cannot be done by a single person it will require people with multi-disciplinary skills, essential leadership is all about taking people with all the skills along with you, which would range from identifying the right kind of people and hiring them to something like inspiring those around you, creating an environment where their individual creativity can be expressed while at the same time adhering to performance standards and the organization's vision.

Strategic thinking
     It varies from business to business, in a normal business a leader should be able to delegate and not micro-manage, but at the same time should give employees confidence, to try out new things without fear of being left out in the cold i.e. letting them know that their boss has their back in other words a leader needs to build interpersonal relationships.

     A leader plays a major role in supporting and achieving an organizational vision, he/ she has to comprehend organizational goals and strategies developed by others. Prioritize work in alignment and acts in accordance with set strategies, objectives, or goals. Universities have multiple constituencies, hence leadership in universities should be collegial in nature where all members in the university are considered equal and make decisions in committees and consensus among colleagues, I can tell this after attending many council and course representative meetings in Northumbria University, Newcastle Upon Tyne.