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Discover The Edward de Bono Institute

posted 8 Nov 2013, 02:03 by Manish Abraham   [ updated 8 Nov 2013, 04:47 ]

On Sunday 10 November, there will be a chance to visit the University of Malta, see parts of campus you have never been to and learn about what goes on behind the scenes. Visitors will also have the opportunity to join in a number in activities that focus on the development of everyday creativity organized by the students and staff of the Edward de Bono Institute. 

The range of activities is suitable for different ages and visitors may engage in individual or group creativity games and idea-generation exercises that are aimed at unleashing the creative potential that exists in each and every one of us in a fun way. The activities will be running throughout the whole day and visitors can participate at any time. The students studying masters in creativity and innovation at the Edward de Bono Institute are joining hands with their tutors to make this event a huge success. 

We have already seen a huge social media marketing buzz which has been created by the students and the staff. In a period of two days they were able to engage 2700 unique visitors to their Facebook page and got approximately 385 likes till now; there was a twitter account created and other tools are also being used.  In order to come up with the activities various brainstorming sessions were held and there was a successful utilization of various idea generation tools like don’t sell me game , scamper…… 

A special logo has been created by Anton Abela for the Institute which themes around turning on your creativity.

Other than the Institute, the activities will showcase the University’s many facets through a number of themes including: Courses; Research; Faculties & Departments/Institutes/Centre’s; Junior College; Student Life; Sports; Cultural Activities; The Library; Administration; Alumni; Malta University Holding Company; Malta University Press.

The Open Week, Discover University, is between 10th and 15th November. However, from Monday, the 11th to Friday, the 15th of November activities are reserved for secondary school students and sixth formers, so you will only find us on Sunday 10 November.

The various events are aimed at attracting prospective University Students, alumni and interested members of the general public who would like to find out how the University works and plays.

The location of the Institute will be in the main large tent, marked as number 13 on the map – the Marquee in Car Park 4, The Institute will have one of the internal booths. Other locations will include lecture rooms in the Mikiel Anton Vassalli Conference Centre and in other lecture centres, University House and the Sir Temi Zammit Hall will be utilised. Another Pavilion will be set up in the area in front of the University Library for academic, sports and cultural activities. There will also be planned visits to laboratories and to the Library.

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