I had successfully completed an internship in the Department of Engineering, Product Architecture (EAA) between 01 July 2013 and 30 Sept 2013, and now I just received an Outstanding Internship Certificate along with a performance evaluation sheet and a reference letter for the work that I did during my time at MAN Truck & Bus, Munich, Germany. This showcases my capabilities and qualities as a future manager in any company from a company manager's perspective. 

As an Intern I accomplished a lot of tasks, and this blog explains the major tasks that I covered during my internship at MAN Truck & Bus and in the end has the outstanding achievement certificate with the evaluation sheet attached. 

Underlying were the three major tasks:

1.            European Union Commission Project (AMISA)

Based on research and interviews I hypothesized three concepts for the future project for MAN, and made an outline on the future project based on adaptability driver methodology and examined the influence of modularity in a company like MAN, by conducting thorough research on how modular products can bring sustainable advantage to a company.I worked and analyzed a European Commission project called AMISA (EU 7 th framework) which was to answer the question on how could adaptability be designed into systems in order to provide maximum value to the stakeholders throughout the lifetime, MAN was one of the Industrial partners in the project, other partners included TUM, Munich; MIT, USA; MAG, Switzerland; Tetra Pack, Italy; TTI, Spain; Tel Aviv University & IAI, Israel. I generated a situational analysis report stating the current situation of MAN. I was also instrumental in conducting a requirements & needs analysis where I researched & gathered a lot of data to generate a conclusion stating what was the current situation of MAN. 

I was able to analyze the effects of Modularity in various stages of life cycle by specially focusing on its impact to gain competitive advantage, the effects on Environment and also explained how modularity could help in boosting Innovation.

I generated a workflow for the future project and even gave two approaches on how to move ahead, As per the manager I differentiated myself by submitting exceptionally well-researched and well-written reports.

2.            Intranet of MAN Truck & Bus

I worked closely with other departments to design and develop the product architecture department’s page on hyper wave. In this process I on my own initiative also helped colleagues from other departments.

I further designed & migrated the information by developing a common platform on Microsoft SharePoint. In case of SharePoint page I identified the needs of the Managers and was open to all the suggestions, I in collaboration with other colleagues used the knowledge of Html and CSS to design the a SharePoint portal for the department which in future will help the department to have a central website that would provide central storage and collaboration space for documents. This would be also the platform which could cater for the future project management needs of MAN. 

3.            Truck Configurator based on Excel

I was successful in developing a truck configurator as per the needs of the manager using VBA codes in Microsoft Excel. This was made by conducting through research in the way a truck is configured and the various variants in a truck. This required a deep understanding of different variant of trucks that MAN produced.  I made a DSM model based on the configurator theory for MAN.  I always consulted other members of the team who guided me ahead to make it successful. I also documented the procedure so that it would be easy to be used for an Education purpose, to train other employees. I enhanced my knowledge on MS Excel and MS PowerPoint working at MAN by working closely with others and following the suggestions from my colleagues. 

Except this as an Intern I had been involved in a lot of activities in the department which was in order to enhance my overall knowledge in a core engineering company like MAN  and I also got involved to observe the whole production cycle, I had been to  plant tours where I was given a deep insight into the production plant of MAN in Munich. I also got the privilege to attend the Engineering Truck Forum held in Munich.  

In the end I would say:

The three months working at MAN had been a great opportunity to learn from many of the best mentors in the industry and this has helped me to understand how a company like MAN, with more than 55000 employees functions, it has given me a deeper insight into product management, variant management and product architecture.   I have been able to learn a lot of other skills in the period of internship which is difficult to write down on this blog.

I leave you with the Certificate of outstanding achievement and the personal evaluation sheet below: 

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Open Notice 

I am presently also looking for potential options to do a master thesis from Feb 2014, in case you, your company,or your institute have an interesting topic related to Innovation management , Product management, Open Innovation or any other interesting topic, please do contact me. To view a presentation about me please click on the picture below. 

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