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Business Parks in Sea, near any major city- London, New York, Hong Kong ...

posted 3 Apr 2013, 13:59 by Manish Abraham   [ updated 3 Apr 2013, 15:13 ]
    The world is becoming more and more globalized, there is a need of free trade among countries and free right to work in any country or may be near any country. 
    Every  country which has a sea coast has the legal right to the sea till 12 nautical miles from the coast , After 12 Miles it is international waters. In case of few land locked countries like Austria river Danube is considered as an International water way(but I am not sure this is applicable for rivers).
    Think of a concept where we use a series of ships to build a city outside this 12 Miles, the ship will be  a co working and co-living space, and will have high-speed Internet access and daily transportation to the mainland via ferry boat, helicopters.... What are the advantages of this concept, let us take any company in London or Hong Kong, most of them are offices and they pay heavy taxes to the respective government, they also have to face lot of legal issues which have to be solved like employer visa, additional money and time to be spent on various bureaucratic issues.
    You are legally allowed to conduct trade in the International waters with out any obligation to any country, There are many countries in the world who can allow hosting the ship in the name of that country and has very less tax rates. 
It could be a place where people can stay and live  for ever. In future a set of ships could be joined together to cater for universities and schools etc.... 
    The concept is not very new even now many international companies sign very costly deals in International waters since it helps them to save a lot of money. 

How could it help huge companies :

No visa / Bureaucratic issues for the Employers as well as the Employees-
    Being an employer companies can become more globalized and can employee people  from any countries and shift them to any other country they wish to do so. In a period of few years we could set up such floating islands near every worlds major city eg. London, New York, Hong Kong, Dubai, Tokyo....... 

No Taxes to be paid on your profit -
    Taxes are generally paid to the government of the country where your business is working, for example the BMW factory in Austria pays taxes to the Austrian government and not the German government, because the factory is located in Austria where as BMW is a German company.
The same is the rule in International waters, when you do business in International waters you generally pay an amount of tax to the country whose flag the ship will hoist, but there are many countries who have zero or very less tax rates...  It will be beneficial for the company as well as an employee. 

Transportation to Mainland-
    Though you will have your house also in the ship, but in case you visit the main land you can always visit as getting a visiting visa to a country is never a big hassle (countries like USA issue tourist visa for 10 years ). Since the ship will be just 12 miles from the mainland it can be easily reached by a ferry in 20 -30 minutes which is a normal tube or train journey in London. 

Which Law will be followed  in the International Waters-
    In the International waters, for commercial and contract purposes there is a law which is called Lex Mercatoria which is a kind of merchant law being followed for ages. Alternatively every ship which will be stationed can also get additional protection from the nearest country based on the companies requirements. 

Business park in sea
Many people have thought of concepts for a greener city  which floats, some have thought of a enterprise set up but no one has yet thought to bring various corporate companies or governments together to set up such business parks .
floating business park
A concept floating city.
floating business park

This could also be an opening into setting up a  new way to work any where in the world, Companies can have a greater contribution margins and if we set up Industries we can directly ship and use it as ports for directly loading goods to other ships so as to save a lot of money and effort. 
The concept has a lot of applications for reducing costs. 

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